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exotic-sandsIn the beginning, there was sand and water. Then there was Exotic Sands, and the sands started flowing … Get the Picture? Sand Pictures, specifically. William Tabar is the creator of the original handcrafted sand designs that combine time, gravity, matter and motion to form fascinating ever-changing works of art.

Exotic Sands ascend into mountains and glaciers, lakes and oceans, deserts and beaches. They soothe the psyche while they stimulate the imagination.

Sand pictures by Exotic Sands are handcrafted with beautiful colored sands from around the world. Black from the African coast, white from Caribbean beaches, green from South America. A quality knotty alder wood frame seals a highly guarded, non-toxic solution.

Turn one over and the process begins creating a new picture with each new turn. Choose from four liquid colors, ocean blue, summer turquoise, sunset orange and arctic glacier clear. Available in five sizes and all styles include a swiveling pedestal. Specifically styled for any office or home. The unique high styled alder frames will adapt to the decor in any home. Exotic Sands is the Perfect Gift.

Quality is every concern with artist William Tabar, the designer and original patent holder of the sand picture in 1987. Perfection is the goal! The liquid solution, air bubbles, sand combinations and framing will hold Exotic Sands as the ultimate sand picture company in the world.

Sand Soothes, enjoy.