//Gemstones and Their Meanings

LAGOS_LeadHero_Sp162Lagos gemstone jewelry features blue topaz, white topaz, green quartz, amethyst and rose de france

The new Caviar Color collection features five bold, high-quality gemstones re-imagined in new iconic Caviar designs. Below, explore the traditional meaning and lore behind these precious gems and discover your very own color.

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz can generally be found in three shades: pale sky blue, cool Swiss blue, and deep London blue. The sparkling stones have been known to help channel relaxing energies and fight off negative emotions. Traditionally, these icy shades are associated with learning, understanding and communication.


White Topaz

Also called Clear or Silver Topaz, White Topaz is said to help aid in finding purpose and improving intellectual clarity. Its energy is strong in promoting feelings of happiness & self worth.



Prosperity, protection, and inspiration – represent the strength and peacefulness found in the amethyst. The ancient world prized the amethyst for its mystical healing powers and protection against affliction. It is also used as a dream stone and to help with insomnia. Put an amethyst under your pillow to bring pleasant dreams, or rub it across your forehead to offer relief from headaches.


Green Quartz

Representing true happiness in life. Ancient Egyptians believed this gemstone held the power for its wearer to achieve clarity and transformative healing. Mysterious allure and beautiful cool shades, green quartz inspires the wearer to experience life to its fullest level of joy.


Rose De France

A member of the Amethyst family, the Rose de France stone is defined by its subtle lavender hue & subtle light tones. This stone works to lessen heartache, heartbreak and the effects of anger & transform these feelings into love. It also empowers its wearer by giving strength and courage.

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