//Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet

The Natural Frequency Technology (NFT) bracelets from Philip Stein, stylish accessories crafted from high-quality materials, offer people more –more focus, and more relaxation and more rejuvenation – by harnessing and delivering the natural frequencies that are all around us. The Sleep Bracelets and Horizon Bracelets were designed, like all of the holistic lifestyle brand’s products, to help people live in balance with a harmonious mind, body and spirit.


Donning a Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet has the potential to become a nighttime ritual as it becomes an ideal nighttime accessory that improves your quality of sleep and helps you awaken more refreshed. Potential effects of the bracelet include the ability to fall asleep faster, have more pleasant dreams, and sleep more deeply and for a longer period of time. Two versions are available, the Classic model and the Slim Sleep Bracelet.

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