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Whether your necklace is a spectacular $50,000.00 Tahitian Pearl choker or a whimsical beach glass and shell creation, there is one sure fact…eventually it will break. Why? The pearls or beads are only held together by a thread. This thread can be silk, nylon, polyester, monofilament, or even chain, and is limited in strength and thickness by the size of the hole. Even the strongest thread ages and gets weaker. It is important to have your necklaces and bracelets restrung from time to time, to avoid loss or having the strands break at an inconvenient time.

At Ecolin we string most fine necklaces on silk, where we knot in between each pearl or bead, ensuring that only one is at risk of being lost if the piece breaks. Because of the nature of all thread, necklaces will stretch, and when they are restrung, will be shorter than when brought in. With costs for restringing ranging from $1.50 to $3.50 an inch, it is a modest price to pay for peace of mind.