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Late or early?…having the wrong time can create a multitude of inconveniences. At Ecolin, our goal is to get you there on time! Watch repair is a complicated issue. There are hundreds of brands, dozens of different movements, and the decision to repair or “recycle” is not always an easy one.  There are two basic types of wristwatches – mechanical and quartz.

A quartz movement utilizes a battery as its primary power source.  Based on the properties of piezoelectricity, stress is applied to a piece of quartz so that it oscillates.  The oscillations, or vibrations, are “counted” to mark time.

Mechanical movements are more complicated, and contain an intricate series of tiny components working together to power the timepiece. Unlike quartz movements, a mechanical movement uses energy from a wound spring, rather than a battery, to power the watch. This spring stores energy and transfers it through a series of gears and springs, regulating the release of energy to power the watch.

Ecolin services both types of movements, and will give an estimate prior to repair. In addition to the scope of the repair and it’s cost, there are other considerations before making your decision. Is the watch a family treasure, is it sentimental, is it cost effective or can a new watch be purchased at a more attractive price?

We are happy to discuss your options.